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Contact Information for Researcher Proposals

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Applying for a grant or contract from a federal or other government agency or public foundation.

Office of Sponsored Programs

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Seeking a gift from a private or family foundation or a corporation.

Your School’s development office or Foundation and Corporate Relations

Glenn Kellum

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Seeking philanthropic support from Emory alumni

Your School’s development office

Emory Development

Human Research

Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects

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Clinical Trial

Office for Clinical Research

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Information or data about Human Subjects

Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects

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Receipt of consulting fees or other payments from outside organizations for work related to my professional expertise

Conflict of Interest Office

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The use of non-human vertebrate animals

Animal Care and Use Office


The use of controlled substances

Office of Research Integrity and Compliance

Controlled Substances

The export of items, services, or technologies to another country or allowance of potential access to such items by a foreign national

Export Control Office

Export Control

The receipt OR sharing of tangible research materials (e.g. solid tissues, bodily fluids, cell lines, cultures, molecules, proteins, bacteria, transgenic animals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals or other proprietary physical materials

Office of Technology Transfer (MTA’s)

OTT Forms

Human embryonic stem cells or derivatives obtained from such cells

Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee

Stem Cell Research Oversight

The creation of inventions, such as novel materials, methods or devices that are or may be protected/protectable by patent or copyright

Office of Technology Transfer

OTT Faculty

Concerns about non-compliance with regulations or policies relating to research

Office of Research Integrity and Compliance

Research Misconduct

Radiation, Biological Hazards, Environmental compliance, lab safety, Chemicals and/or related waste

Environmental Health & Safety Office


Investigational Drug Service

Investigational Drug Service

VA Faculty

VA Faculty