Award Management

Manage Award

Once an award is made, the principal investigator (PI) will manage the work and the funds awarded according to the funding agreement. Support in these areas is provided by the RAS Unit, The Finance Department's OGCA, various ORA departments and in many instances OSP.

"Pre-award" activities are concluded and "Post-Award" activities begin such as rebudgeting, carryover process, submitting/reviewing progress reports, subcontract amendments, no-cost extensions, transfers, closeout processes and any changes that would affect the terms and conditions of the award.

As the work proceeds, if the PI wants to change anything about the award, they should contact OSP for guidance and approval. Examples of changes include: rebudgeting, no-cost extensions, change of scope, change of PI, change of effort, change of key personnel and/or adding a collaborator.

Financial Management of your Award

Non-Financial Administration: such as supplements, renewals, continuations, no-cost extensions and significant reductions in effort.