ORIC: Human Embryonic and Induced Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Research Oversight

Applications in the field of cell therapy and innovative research programs in this area at Emory University have grown. It is important to remember that there are regulations and ethical guidelines in place that must be considered when embarking on hESC or iHESC research. The Emory University policy on the conduct of this research has been developed to provide guidance in complying with those regulations.

In order to provide stem cell research oversight when required, the Office of Research Administration established an Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO) Committee. ESCRO members are appointed by and serve as an advisor to the Institutional Official. The members of the ESCRO reflect the scientific, medical, and ethical expertise necessary to perform a thorough review.


Currently, we are transitioning this policy from the School of Medicine to Emory University.  The information in the policy would be similar, just hosted in a central location.  See the policy here

Reviewing your research

If review is required by a research sponsor or cell source, then the Emory ESCRO committee shall provide a review in accordance with the review requirements of the sponsor/cell source.

To apply for review, fill out this form, sign, scan, and e-mail to ORIC at oric@emory.edu along with all attachments.

Attachments must include:

  • The application with a scientific description of the study design and research procedures. This should include the hypothesis to be tested as well as a general description of the methodology to be used.
  • Please also include a scientific rationale for why hESCs are needed to answer the scientific questions.
  • If the research plan includes the creation of new lines, specific permission from the Executive Associate Dean for Research must be included.
  • Proof of IRB determination as to whether it constitutes human stem cell research and if so IRB approval.

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