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From concept to completion, the Emory Investigator's Guide provides links to online research administration content and tools for each stage of the grant life cycle.

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The Grant Life Cycle

The Office of Research Administration provides the Emory community with administrative systems and expertise to facilitate scholarship, research and discovery from inception through dissemination and application. 

"Pre-award" steps include finding funding and proposal development. The Office of Sponsored Programs and newly developing Research Administration Service Units play critical role prior to and during the receipt of an award.

"Post-award" steps include project start-up, award management, & award close-out. Grant and Contract Accounting and Research Administration Service Units typically play a critical role once the award has been received.

The Conflict of Interest Office, Office of Research Compliance, Office for Clinical Research, Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee, Environmental Health & Safety Office, Investigational Drug Office, and Office of Technology Transfer provide extensive work in both the pre and post award areas dependent upon the specifics of the award and the needs of the PI.

Grant Life Cycle